Bunnyvomit dot com is the home of the comics and zines of birdie.  birdie is a poet/cartoonist who has been self publishing zines and comics since 1999.  Their comics

In the summer of 1999 birdie read their first zine.  They thought it was horrible, and they said “I could do this” then said to themselves, “I should do this” so they found a bunch of magazines to cut up, and they found a word processor to type out stuff, then they took scissors and glue sticks and got really creative and created the first PoMoFo zine.  It was 6 pages stapled together like a homework assignment but it was self published and went out to an audience of nearly 3 dozen people.

Published regularly for almost an entire year.  It ended on 12 issues, it was a collection of poetry, and art and short essays and ideas about life living in a small town and going to a community college where they felt like an actual outcast.  It was a creative outlet, and it allowed me to use my old aol email address ifdyomom@aol.com (which I still think was clever because email addresses had to be 10 characters or less back then).

After a few years birdie went to college in Jacksonville FL where they discovered webcomics and published their own for 6-7 years.  Then went on to do a few different webcomic projects, and started dabbling in self publishing comics.  At this time they were reaching an audience of hundreds instead of dozens so we can call that progress.

Now birdie’s bunnyvomit comics and zines have reached multiple hundreds of people all over the country and in some other countries.  Most of the zines are collections of illustrations and poetry, the comics are of the humor and romantic variety (though I think calling them a romantic comedy would be offensive to them somehow).