So Today marks the 1 year anniversary of what is essentially Bunnyvomit 3.0  It’s when I decided to do a comic about a cartoonist with a drinking problem.  I really like the direction the comic is going in, and I really want to do more with these characters and this world but I know after a year of doing this comic I think I’m getting better at it.

The 12th of this month was the 3 anniversary of the website in general.  Even though it started off as it’s going to always be in my heart.  It’s weird to see my archives and how I’ve improved in my writing and art.  Who knew I could be good at this?
I was really hoping to have unveiled a second bunnyvomit book by this time, but I haven’t put enough time to emphasize that I have a book 1 on sale.  Click the link in my “store” column and order yourself a book or two… I  will be working on the next few books in the future as long as people want to buy these books.

November will mark 11 year anniversary of when I started my first webcomic.  I can’t believe I’ve been doing this for so long and right now I feel like I’m on the path to doing this professionally.


Thank you for everyone’s support throughout the years.  I can’t wait until I can celebrate larger milestones with this comic!  You guys are the best!