I forget that I have a regular blog to update so I’m sorry I haven’t posted much as of late.  I do post things at the facebook group so if you’re not a fan you should become one post haste! CLICK HERE I don’t fill your feed with useless stuff I just post the occasional news on there.

I’m doing Amazing Arizona Comic-Con next weekend and I hope to see you guys there.  I’ll be there with my usual stuff, plus I got some awesome Bunnyvomit buttons and a new mini-comic based on my 2014 24 Hour Comic Day comic.  I had a bit of a printing issue so I’m selling the books for a dollar because they are still funny.

I will also be doing something super-extra-awesome-special-once-in-a-lifetime-offers on this Valentines Day.  Anyone who is there will get to see it and I won’t share what happens until I post a long blog post about the weekend.

I hope to see you guys there I’ll be at Table A11 with my worst-wingman Coop Bolton