caseofthemondaysI spent the past weekend at Tuscon Comic Con.  It was my first time in Tuscon, and my first time at this convention.  So many things happened over the weekend but I’ll post all the fun people who came to the show!  I never take enough pictures (I’m going to need an assistant for my next convention.  inquire at


One of my favorite Fandoms as of late is the Stephen Universe group.  Seeing so many people dress up as the characters always makes me giddy.  This was one of the lovliest Rose Quartz’s that I saw.DSCN0350

There is going to be a day where I don’t harass someone dressed up as Tina, today is not that day.  Luckily she put down her book of Erotic Friend Fiction to take a look at my personalized Bob’s Burger’s cover I did.


Of all the gravity falls costumes I went crazy over it was this girl dressed as Waddles.  So Presh! (do people still say Presh?  Did I ruin that for you guys? you’re welcome)DSCN0352

I’m well aware that this is one of the killer bunnies from Monty Python but my inner geek is pretending she’s dressed as a vomiting bunny.DSCN0353

Could someone make this story Cannon that Robin is the lovechild of Batman and Poison Ivy? That can be a thing right?DSCN0354

What if Zelda was a girl?  DSCN0355

One of the most graceful and sweet Pearls I have ever seen!DSCN0356

and I dare you to “rock the party” with an Amethyst around! DSCN0357

Joel took some time from seeing bad movies to look at bad comics….DSCN0358

WITNESS!!! Seriously this was such a cool group. This is one of my favorite movies of the year and I was glad to see some amazing outfits.


This might be the first Stephen I saw with the shield.  He remembered that if every porkchop was perfect, we wouldn’t have hotdogs!DSCN0360

There will be a day where I won’t bother someone dressed up like Kimpossible, today is also not that day… and that day is not coming around any time soon.DSCN0361

This was Stevonnie. If you aren’t watching this show, you are missing out! DSCN0362

One of the best Gravity Falls groups I have seen.  DSCN0363

I told Macho Man, “I don’t want this to get dark, but I think it’s pretty impressive that during the Rapture, God only needed you to fight the Devil and his hordes” “Oh Yeah” might have been his response.  DSCN0364

Scarlett Wolfe from Scarlett Wolfe Cosplay came dressed as Link and I had to fight ever urge to drop to one knee and let her break a pot over my head.


One of the newest Vomiteers to join the group.  Samantha was by far the cutest Harley Quinn I saw all weekend.  DSCN0366

I heard this was from something Supernatural, but I just had to shout Moose and Squirrel a few times and try to get it out of my system.  (editor’s note… it didn’t work)IMG_2829

I recognized Oni Link from behind and at a good distance, and I’m using the excuse that I am a rabid Zelda fan and not a really weird dude from here on out.IMG_2830

The best part of Mabel outfits are: when they are homemade, when they are adorable, and when the girl wearing the outfit is also adorable!  Thanks for stopping by all weekend! IMG_2844I spent 97% of my weekend behind my table at the convention, but I ran and might have trampled a few people to pose next to Freddie Mercury, the QUEEN OF ROCK N ROLL!!! Such a wonderful weekend!


Thanks to everyone who came by, and hung out with me.  I had awesome hotdogs, heard great things, got to see so many great creators doing what they do best.  This is a weekend I won’t forget even with all the booze in the world!