Hey Vomiteers!  Sorry I haven’t rapped at you for a while but I wanted to give my two cents about the recent trailer for the Michael Bay produced Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie.

First off I want to say that I grew up on the original cartoon series, the live action movies and I owned about 100 different action figures, various vehicles (including the party wagon, the technodrome and the little car that had toilet paper wheel covers).  I owned the TMNT RPG, bed sheets, comforter, various posters, video games, stuffed toys, trading cards, clothes, and I even had a pet turtle I named Raphael.  I have been drawing ninja turtles since I was a child, and I still draw them today and would have to credit them as one of the reasons I started getting into comics books and drawing comics of my own.  There are bigger TMNT fans than but I’m honestly a giant nerd about those four turtles.

I love the new movie concept.  The trailer looks great, we get to see those turtles do the things we’ve wanted to see them do.  Watching Raphael get flung into a humvee?  Leonardo doing a giant flip/leap?  Isn’t this the big screen turtles we’ve wanted to see after years of crazy cartoons and movies?

For those of you who are complaining that these aren’t the same turtles from the original movies, or cartoon series.  I’m glad they aren’t from those cartoons or the movies.  The movies were terrible.  I love them, but I’m not going to wear rose printed glasses and pretend that watching Michaelangelo use sausages as Numchucks is better than watching him being silly about taking off his mask.  The original cartoon series is pretty awful as well.  I loved it and watched every episode as often as possible, but the most recent show is a much better series than the original.

None of these properties are like the original comic books and the TMNT franchise as branched out in so many directions and I’m surprised you turtle nerds aren’t more offended by worse atrocities than this new movie trailer.

Here’s at least 5 things worse than the new movie/character designs

1.  TMNT coming out of their shell tour
2.  TMNT 3
3.  TMNT live action TV series / that one that did a crossover with the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers
4.  The original TMNT video game
5.  some of the other TMNT comic books that were spawned because of the series.

TMNT Coming out of theiR WHAT THE FUCK

People who are complaining about this new idea are still stuck in the 80s and 90s and can’t allow a franchise try new things.  This is the same reason why you can’t have a compelling Superman story, or a Wonder Woman movie, or why most comic book properties don’t translate to tv/film.  People are attached to an iconic character and if that’s now how the character is portrayed they feel violated and can’t accept that some things are different for some people.

recolored original TMNT comics

I look back on TMNT as some of the fondest memories of my life, I look at the new series as something that’s brought new life into an old franchise and has the heart and the spirit of what I enjoyed as a kid and gave it a new imagination.  This new movie is different from anything I could think about with the turtles, but I’m rolling with it.  A movie about mutant turtles who know ninjitzu is a larger than life concept, and I’m glad to see it look like a larger than life movie.

Now if you need me I’m going to be eating some pizza and drawing more turtles