Here’s a list of questions I get all the time!  (or get asked over and over again while drunk).

Why Bunny Vomit?

I learned from some random source that rabbits are unable to vomit.  They don’t have the right throat mechanism or something, I forget the scientific term (also birds can’t fart which might have been a funnier comic name) but I always imagine an adorable bunny puking something as cute as marshmallow peeps with little fireman hats on and playing with rainbows.  I think it reflects my comic being kind of cute and kind of absurd so it’s the name I’m sticking with.

How do you draw your comic?

I use a combination of crayons, fire and a little bit of whiskey for texture… Actually I use a wacom tablet attached to a simple HP laptop.  The software I use is a program called GIMP.  It’s the linux based version of photoshop and it’s totally free so I don’t feel like I’m stealing from some big organization by pirating their software.

What are your Influences?

I was raised on MAD magazine and various comic strips.  Which is one reason why I stay in black and white since those comics are 90% black and white.  I also watched a lot of crazy cartoons as a kid and I really loved things that were really quirky in style.  Rocky and Bullwinkle, and Early Hanna Barbera are probably my biggest influences.

How long have you been drawing comics?

I started my first webcomic November 3rd 2003.  I started my most epic project The Haiku Life back in August of 2008.  I started this comic in October of 2010, and relaunched it into something almost funny in September 2011. 

I don’t get it, why isn’t this funny?

Writing jokes aren’t easy.  I listen to a lot of NPR and even though I think it’s funny, not everyone else does.  Thank you for your concern.  I don’t think my comics are high-brow but they are a bit sophomoric and one man’s joke is another man’s pain from being punched in the “no no zone.”

What’s your obsession with Jacksonville Florida?

Jacksonville Florida is where I lived for the last twelve years.  It’s a silly city that deserves it’s own case study.  There is a High School named after Nathan Bedford Forrest (One of the founders of the KKK), it was also the original Hollywood of the east.  It’s very weird unless you live there, then it’s just very something else.

What is NPR?

National Public Radio.  I like to call it, “The Nipper” as in, “Did you hear that interview on The Nipper, that Gene Simmons is a butt hole.”

How do you write your comic?

I drink a lot of beer and imagine the things I’m saying to become really funny.  I’ll also parse conversations with friends and see them going in different directions. 

Are you drunk right now?

I wouldn’t call it “drunk” I’d say, “Charming”

Why did you start writing haiku?

When I first went into college I had an amazing college professor who got me to understand why poetry was cool.  I wrote poems in high school but it was mostly a lot trite stuff that rhymed with “hate”, or “devastation”.  He explained that a poem was like a grenade.  So much power in such a minimal form, and once you unleashed a poem it would explode and leave you without your legs and you’d have Gary Sinese play you in a movie before he starts hocking free meals at Golden Corral (But I digress).  I took a creative writing class with this professor later and he asked during the semester if I preferred the short stories or the poems.  I said I liked the poems because I really worked hard to sculpt lines and words into a particular structure.  He then explained haiku briefly and I wrote my first haiku and fell in love.  I’ve been writing too many of them ever since…

How do you like Phoenix So Far?

I really kind of like it.  The Dry heat is much better than the humidity (in my opinion).  There are a lot of things in common.  I really miss being surrounded by dark green grass, tons of green trees and drinking Bold City Beer.  But Phoenix has a great art scene, and I have met a lot of wonderful artists and comic people that I feel kind of at home.  I can make a joke about Rob Liefeld and not have to watch my back.  Comic artists are different from other artists.  It’s a different kind of mindset and it’s one that I relate to more and now I can accept when someone calls me an “artist” and doesn’t snicker afterwards.  Plus everyone here is gung-ho about comics that they promote each other’s work and everyone helps each other with their projects because when one comic succeeds, everyone succeeds!  Oh and the tacos here are amazing! I kind of want to eat tacos 24-7 now.

I wish I could draw…

That’s not a question, but I wish I could draw too.  I spent an hour each day drawing, either doodles, or trying to copy cartoons I see on TV or quickly drawing figures at a bar.  I also read a lot of comics and sketchbooks and study lines and how hands are drawn and such and try to mimic them.  It’s all practice and soon becomes a muscle memory.