I could have sworn I made a list of goals this past year.  It could have been on another forum (like bookface or in a drunken haze).  So I had a pretty productive year and I feel like I made some great strides as a cartoonist and it being the new year.  I won’t be making resolutions I’ll be making a few goals.

1.  Publish 4 comics this year.  Last Year I Published two books and three mini comics, and this year I’d like to do 4 full books, and well kinda like a dozen minis.  I have to work harder but I think it’s something I can do

2.  Do 3 conventions this year.  I did Phoenix Comic-con this year and I had a blast and it gave me the urge to do better work and get to meet new people (I met some wonderful people who I think are new fans and that just makes me warmer than a three day old beer).  I have two definitely on the roster but I hope to squeeze in a third one because the experience of sharing what I do with others makes me know I took the right path

3.  Utilize my online store more.  I have an online store, I know you don’t know about it, I forget all about it.  I’ll have to revamp the store and work on some sales and some extra items.  I know I’m going to add more items to be sold and I’d like for people who aren’t in Phoenix (like my jacksonville friends) to be able to hold onto my wonderful books and enjoy them as much as I do.

4.  Kick some ass.  2014 has been a very good year for me.  I can’t complain about it, I can only complain about not kicking more ass.  I hope to fix that by putting out better work, and putting out more of it.  I’ll have to rethink my social media strategies and invest more time into being the best for you.

Thanks everyone who made 2014 a great year.  I’d list you all but you know who you are.  I praise you on a daily drunken basis.  2015 is going to be the year before the real year of the Bunny Vomit!  Get ready!