Jacksonville’s finest Comics and Artists!

Babe in the Woods My good pal Jason Fifer’s comic about life in the woods!
Crappy Puppet Show a hilarious strip about two performing puppets!
Edbott 5000 Monsterous art!
Relentlessly Cheerful Art The amazing immature mind of Sir Jimithy Hance!
Jason Wright Studios The Man, The Myth the Ever Badass Jason Wright!
Dan In Space Josh Rudloff’s great sci-fi comic!
Cook Bros Comics My good friend Shawn Cook’s comics!
Birds n Octopi The stunningly beautiful work of Nicole Middleton Trimmer!
Absurd Overheard The delightful illustrated hijinks of Karen Kurycki!
Cinnistix The Journal of Stephanie Soden!
Average Jim The Journal of Jim Ward!

Arizona’s Finest Comics and Artists!
Moon Fetish Comics!
Stale Bacon A Funny Pop Culture Comic by my buddy Kevin who I accidentally punched in the face once.
Spiral Ink Comics A Group of Super Talented dudes who put up with my fuckery!
Dylan McVillain Another comic by Kevin!



Other Comics I Love to Read!

Girls With Slingshots!
The Gun Show!
Hark A Vagrant!
American Elf

Jacksonville’s Finest

Bold City Brewery My home away from home, the best microbrewery in the city!
The Florida Times Union The best source for local news

Folio Weekly Our amazing Alt. Weekly paper
WJCT Jacksonville’s NPR affiliate!

Things I’ve Enjoyed in Phoenix

KJZZ Phoenix’s NPR Affiliate
Film Bar a place to drink and enjoy movies!
Jesse James Comics My home away from home away from home away from home away from home…