Hey Vomiteers!  Sorry I haven’t posted stuff in the blog for a long time.  A lot of stuff has been happening to your third favorite poet/cartoonist lately.

You might have remembered a stint of me being unemployed because even though I have some amazing skills, not all of them are skills that help me get employed.  I lucked out and ended up with two part time jobs.  I won’t get into details about the work, but I have one job I really like, and one job I really tolerate.  I won’t post about them because I’d like to keep one of these jobs after the holiday season.

It makes me feel like comics are taking a back seat but I’m working on keeping with my update schedule and hopefully finding time to start making some bunny vomit books because I think that’s what you guys really want.  I’d love to wax poetic on a few things but I’ll save that for another time.  Hopefully I’ll get back to posting more so you guys can know what’s up.  I still tweet occasionally via @so_birdilicious (I can’t get it to show on the site yet) When I have a day off again, I’ll look into adding a few more features to the site (after I finish the comics you love so much).

Thanks for your time and sobriety

your ever drunken birdie