Hey Vomiteers!

I’m not one who fronts so Imma gonna keep it real.  I’m really exhausted.  I work 50 hours a week and I do these regular updates (which I love with all my heart, but isn’t easy…I swear) and I’m trying to squeeze in a few projects and after wrapping up this 3 month long story line and also writing and drawing a 24 page book last weekend has just been a little more than I can handle at the moment.  So I need a tiny break.  I don’t want my updates to cease so I just need a few talented people to draw a comic strip or two so I can take the week off to gather my marbles and prepare for the next storylines and book projects.  That’s where you come in.

I’m accepting any guest strips for next week.  I’d love to see what you guys do with my characters, or even just draw your own comics.  I just want to have regular updates while I get my stuff together.  So if you have a comic you want to post, or if you want to do a guest comic please email it to me at haikubirdie@gmail.com or at birdie@bunnyvomit.com and I’ll post it next week and give you credit for being awesome.

No matter what I’m going to continue with updates but I’m just hoping some of you talented vomiteers could give me a break so I can keep putting out high quality comics that you guys love to read


Thank you in advance! Please share this with your friends, stalkers and enemies…


Love always


the sleepy-as-hell birdie