pccI wanted to take this moment to say that I will be exhibiting at this year’s Phoenix Comicon.  Thanks to the people at Spiral Ink Comics I will be having my own table and sharing my comics and haiku with the public.  In honor of the occasion I will be releasing the first issue “Making Fun with Bunny Vomit” and “Riverside’s Least Wanted”



Riverside’s Least Wanted is a comic based on the original incarnation of BunnyVomit which was called “frog vs toad” for lame reasons.  It’s about three roommates and their adventures in “The Fictional City of Jacksonville Florida (which is a real place, but not a real city)”.  The Comics are from what I drew in 2010.  You can also see how this work inspired the current BV comics.  It’ll be part of a 4 part series and maybe a trade paperback if you guys love the comics enough


“Having Fun With Bunny Vomit” is a collection of comics from the current website.  These are based on the story about the character Birdie who draws comics for a zine/mini comics called “Bunny Vomit”  It’s “occasionally hilarious” and I hope it’s the book you want since you’re at this page now.  It’ll be an ongoing series.

I’ll also be doing sketches, haiku, selling mini comics, art prints and trying to charm anyone who cosplays as characters from the Thrilling Adventure Hour Podcast, or anyone who dresses up as Beemo.

So the most important part of this post is to say that I’ll be at AA11 alongside Spiral Ink Comics and near all the fun.  I’m going to try to crash a panel or two and I can’t wait to see you guys!


Peace Out!