Phoenix ComicCon this year was an amazing experience.  Each time I get to do something involving my comics, I feel like I’ve been on the right path and working to fulfill my dream.  This weekend was no different.  I sold so many books and met so many people and had RETURN VISITS! I can hardly contain all the joy.

IMG_1526bGeared up for the show
neckerchiefs and some smug smirks
time to sell some books!
DSCN0324bKenny Reads my Books
So glad it didn’t kill him
His laughs were muffled

IMG_1534bSaw Porco Rosso
my favorite flying Pig
Thanks Miyazaki!

DSCN0345bI met Tom Servo
he was nicer than you’d think
and he made *me* laugh!
DSCN0326bMy First Crystal Gem
Amethyst is made of sass
and is the coolest!
DSCN0328bGarnet is the Best
she’ll whup you up easily
and not break a sweat!
DSCN0332bSome more Crystal Gems
it’s Ruby Quartz and Jasper !
back when they were friends
DSCN0334bI love Ruby Quartz
so many to be seen here
couldn’t get enough!
DSCN0343bOne Final Rose Quartz
her shirt made me quite jealous
DSCN0344bA few more gems here
LOVING Steven Connie mixed
great Crystal Fusion!
DSCN0330b DSCN0331b
IMG_1543Played some CON BINGO
Josh was this year’s Champion!
he got a trophy!

DSCN0325bDSCN0327bLouise Loves my books
she’s my target audience
look at her laughing!
DSCN0329bI met Kitty Pryde
I gushed too much about her
she is the coolest!
DSCN0335bMet a little witch
Kiki delivered cuteness
ready and on time!
DSCN0338bbunnies love my books
even homicidal ones
they eat this stuff up!
DSCN0337bDSCN0336bDoes Daredevil Read?
he can surely kick my ass
he feels the funny
DSCN0342bDSCN0347Highlight of the Con
this couple came by three times!
buying all my books!
IMG_1550band I met a girl
she can drink as much as me
maybe we’re soulmates?
DSCN0339blittle do folks know
I’m also a champion
we look good don’t we?
DSCN0348bI hugged Doctor Frank!
she’s the sweetest transvestite
i coulda timewarped!
IMG_1560bLouise at her best
Linda looking great as well
thanks for coming out!

This con was a blast.  I didn’t get out from behind my table as much as I wanted (that’s a good problem to have).  I made lots of people laugh and I felt like a rockstar.  I can’t wait until next year!