I didn’t know how much this con would take out of me.  Phoenix Comicon happened over the weekend and I had a blast and a half!  It was my first time having a solo table, my first time selling shirts and I did my first panel.  Here are some pictures I took (I always wish I could take more).


These two ladies dressed up like this because they really wanted to make armor.  It’s a reminder of how creative this state is and I’m lucky to be a part of it.


if you dress like a bunny at all I will want your picture and maybe your phone number….DSCN0414

I gave out trophies this year.  Mostly to super talented artist friends but I gave some for the costumes I loved the most.  This Godzilla costume is the most incredible thing I’ve seen in years.  Watching her jump with glee afterwards is one of the top 5 things to happen this entire weekend.


Yes I have a crush on the Negasonic Teenage Warhead, and you should too.


this was the greatest costume I saw all weekend.  Sorry every other awesome contest.  THis is a winner


When I was Junior in High School I was a “nudist” for halloween and I felt like this was a better version of the idea I had back then.  It’s clever and I had a good laugh like everyone should.dDSCN0409

I don’t usually root for Disney Villains but Ursula holds a special place in my heart.


This is reason #4 why I draw comics.


Who would think to dress like Marvin the Martian?
Someone who is brilliant that’s who!

Who doesn’t love a good Squirrel Girl costume?  Donald Trump and the TalibanDSCN0402

Crystal Gems Amethyst and Pearl are always my favorite thing to see at a conventionDSCN0401

My favorite Fairly Odd Parents Cosplay.  Timmy even has a pink ha! This is why #ftw existsDSCN0400

I will come to terms with myself being attracted to a woman who dresses as Tim Curry.  It’s really a non issue right?  I mean she’s downright sexy as Frank-N-Furter and that’s why she won the trophy for “Best Transvestite” at the con

I never thought I would see Flapjack Cosplay, but Phoenix you never cease to amaze me.



I love when a family dresses as the cast of Bob’s Burgers.  This was my favorite family this year!


yes I’m an adult who likes Bee and Puppycat.  I’m okay, are you okay?


Tankgirl is something that I’ve loved since I was a teenager.  This was our guest’s first time cosplaying and she really nailed it.  This is why I do what I do.


This Mabel Cosplay was too much awesome.  How do you guys do this?  I’m so impressedDSCN0384

I met this girl before I did my trophies for cosplayers but in all honesty this was the greatest thing I saw at the convention and by greatest I mean I saw a lot of boobs, and this was better than boobs.  This is better than booze, this is better than anything anyone has ever done.  This is a reminder that we live in a pretty good world despite it’s faults.


I’m a sucker for any Bob’s Burgers Cosplay, I think Louise stole my Kidney and Tina touched my butt…DSCN0381

My favorite costume of the entire convention (Yeah, Judy Hopps was the best, but this was my favorite).  Sparks Nevada Marshall on Mars.  THis was my favorite podcast for years and one of my favorite characters of all time.  I dreamed of meeting someone who would dress like this and I’m so lucky that I got to witness these awesome robot fists and my only regret in life was not asking him if he could say that he was from Earth.  Overall it was a great con.

Phoenix Comicon kicked so much ass.  Thanks to everyone for such a wonderful weekend.