A week ago today I was at my first convention as a vendor/artist.   It’s been a long time coming, and it’s been a very life-changing event.  I’ve finally been able to take it all in and though I can speak for hours about it (some of my friends know that I have already).  I wanted to take this moment to give thanks to a lot of people who really made my weekend as special as ever.  I’m going to throw in some serious messages with a few fun pictures I took at the convention.


Firstly I have to thank Mickey Chaney (a.k.a. Spooky kid).  He not only gave me the opportunity to table at a convention, helped me get organized, he taught me a lot about comics, and how to pitch my work to others.  Every step of the way he was in my corner, and his work constantly blows my mind and I’m grateful and lucky to have him as a friend and a peer.

I also want to thank Derrick Tipton, who I shared a table with.  I rarely spend time with Derrick outside of drawing nights, and a few other events but the more I hang out with Derrick the more I really respect his work and his talent.  I know him and I don’t agree on how to break into comics, but the guy is so skillful and passionate I was really in awe to be working near him.

Also I want to thank Ruben Rosas (and his lovely wife) and Rob Hicks, who gave me this chance to really shine and be myself.  They are so talented and their energy was really makes me want to strive to be better at what I do.


I want to thank Eric Mengel and Denny Riccelli. They have been nothing but supportive of my work and they are doing the comics I wish I could be doing.  They are the epitome of DIY Indie comics and I hope I can be on their level in the future.  They are the nicest, friendliest and most helpful people.  I couldn’t say a bad thing about them if I tried!



I also want to thank Anthony and the rest of the people at Ready Comics.  They put my book together and did an awesome job.  To be able to hold my work in my hands is the closest thing I can have to bearing children.  They were so helpful, and responsive and helped my dream come true.



I must give mad props to Justin Miller, Kevin Coulston, Brian Augustyn, Matthew Goodall, H.L. Martin, and Damon Begay who are local people who inspire me and influence me in everything I do.  Arizona is filled with great people, doing great things and I’m lucky to be able to take a part in it.



I also want to give Honorable mentions to Jesse James of Jesse James comics who introduced me to all the people I’ve been able to work with.  Lorenzo who reminds me to keep it real,  Coop Bolton who helped me get my books together and pushes me into doing more and more every day.  My Brother and Sister-in-law who helped with my banner and making my comic creating dream possible.  Also to everyone back home who knew I should be making comics long before I realized I should be making comics.  Knowing you guys care about me has really made these tough times bearable.