Birdie Birdashaw with half of a fake mustache

Bunny Vomit Comics is a hub for comic by the semi-famous Birdie Birdashaw (wikipedia entry pending when one of you does it for me).  Formerly the poet Laureate of Jacksonville Florida, I’ve moved west to seek my fortune and work on my tan and hopefully will return to Florida on the backs of dead rednecks.

birdie enjoys writing his name in lowercase letters, drinking beer, and listening to gratuitous amounts of NPR (or as he likes to call it “the nipper”).  He’s the master of haiku poetry (can haiku anything under 8 syllables), playing tambourine (has broken seven already),  can tell you the entire plot of a “Saved By The Bell” episode within the first 30 seconds and is damn good at making homemade refritos.

When birdie is not serving epic high fives or sharing pictures of his food on instagram he’s writing and drawing comics for your pleasure, and maybe some of your money in the future.

email birdie @ bunnyvomitcomics at gmail dot com