on the Eve of Jack Kirby’s birthday myself and three other talented artists attempted a Kirby themed 24hour comic. Next month you’ll see footage of us during our process but this is the end result. A Yet to be titled Romance Comic that pays tribute to Jack Kirby and was completed in 23.25 hours (hear my story next month about what happened during this challenge).

these first two pages was the root inspiration of my story.  There is a song that came out my senior year in high school “Seat 6” by a band called “The Gadjits” which was a 4 piece ska mod band from Kansas.  The song is about a guy who imagines a relationship with a girl who sits behind him in class.  It was one of my favorite songs when I was 18-19 and I had an intimate conversation with the lead singer.  We discussed poetry and he recommended a book that changed my life “Letters to a young poet” by Rainer Maria Rilke.  I keep that book with me at all times in case I am in need of inspiration I can flip to any page and feel energized to create.

I never do much planning during these comic challenges.  I’ll have some vague ideas in my head for the most part and the only thing I knew was that I was going to want to draw someone punching nazis.  Especially with the current political climate I would have felt awful if i didn’t spend a moment of my Jack Kirby tribute drawing bunnies punching nazis.  (Editor’s note: drawing a good swastika is weird and kind of mentally painful)


I really regret drawing this hand.  I was having technical issues with my tablet and I didn’t have internet access on my laptop.  I kind of wanted to google a picture of a hand and just trace it hyperrealistically so have a weird effect.  This is far from the best hand I’ve ever drawn.

this is a flashback scene but I have to point out I put two haiku on this page.  This comic has a few hidden haiku.  See if you can find them!

I remember once drunkenly dancing with a lady who told a mutual friend that I was cute.  She had a boyfriend and I only wanted a dancing partner for a particular song but those words changed my life as well.  I hope you guys enjoyed this comic.  I wish I could have drawn a better comic but I had a lot of technical issues and I’m just glad I completed the challenge and I’ll have this book printed and available soon.


What do you think about the comic?  comment below!