Top 5 Fridays!Hey Vomiteers!

It’s been a long time since I rapped at ya, so much has been going on and I forget to communicate it so I’m going to give a few top 5 lists to keep you updated!


Top 5 things to see coming up in 2017

1.  More Bunnyvomit, and More Hotdog the first Bunnyvomit spinoff comic
2.  A Brand new poetry/comics project called “Pomofo”
3.  Being a part of the AzEventureCon during it’s first year!
4.  Being a part of the Big Time Funniest comic newspaper that debuted in November
5.  Drawing more comics this year than ever in my life!

Top 5 Life Changing Events from 2016

1.  I got a promotion at my day job
2.  Had a phenomenal year with Bunnyvomit, I feel like it just gets bigger
3.  Been working on a Podcast with “Sort of a Big Deal” Brian Augustyn.  It’s weekly and I should be posting updates about it more often
4.  Starting my first all ages comic book series “Hotdog” it’s about a Pizza delivery, Skateboarding, Hipster Dog and his zany adventures
5.  Starting Big Time Funnies which is a great collection of comics with some of Arizona’s most talented cartoonists.  I’m honored, humbled and I strive to do some of my best work for the paper and my cohorts

What I plan to do in 2017

1.  Publish 18 things
2.  Do 10 comics related events
3.  Meeting a special someone
4.  Making Donald Trump’s “Enemies list”
5.  Be the best me as possible

What are you guys looking forward to this Year?