Top 5 Fridays!

Hey Vomiteers!

So This Saturday is my Birthday. I won’t disclose my real age but for the past few years I have been saying I’m turning “40” I’ll be in Tuscon at Bookman’s selling books and meeting new and old fans alike. However I wanted to use this moment to have a top 5 things that have made this Birthday great

1. I’ve been working on lots of great stuff. 2017 should be a great year for me. I’ve done 2 issues of PoMoFo, and I’m working on Hotdog and more Bunnyvomit stuff
2. My Peers and colleagues have been super awesome. I’ve been working and doing stuff with so many awesome people. I can get teary thinking about it
3. Things are getting better: Being an artist is a constant struggle, even though I’ll never be at the place I want to be, I am grateful to feel like my life and my art is getting better
4. You guys! I love when people laugh at my comics, or tell me how much they liked what I’m doing or what I did. When I draw the comic I know I entertain myself, I always hope I can reach someone and entertain them as well.
5. I’m certain this is a weekend people will be buying me drinks, and that’s always a good thing 🙂