Top 5 Fridays!Halloween is this Saturday, and I haven’t been blogging much lately (so much going on, and I should really be sharing it).  Here is my top 5 Halloween Costumes I wore while growing up.  In no real order

3.  Homemade Robot (age 10) I used a washing machine tube for the arms, and a lady thought I was a washing machine, I think my mom might have said ‘fuck her’ (or something to that effect)  I loved that costume
1.  Nudist (age 15)  I had a brilliant idea to wear a black shirt and shorts and write “censored” with white chalk.  The weeks leading up to Halloween, everyone was afraid when I told them I was going as a nudist
5.  Alex from ‘A Clockwork Orange’ (age 17)  I just saw the movie that summer and found the hat at a goodwill and worked the costume around that.  It was cheap and I didn’t own a codpiece (still don’t) and no one in my school under 30 knew who I was, and those who did, were a bit creeped out.
2.  Italian Spiderman (age 30)  based on the youtube videos I crafted the outfit and still have the shirt.  Also another time I got to enjoy a fake mustache and getting to shout “respect women”
4.  Sexy Gym Teacher (age 31) the first in a trend of creating costumes around wearing short shorts.  I found some It also let me enjoy my fake mustaches and aviators in public.

What was your favorite Halloween Costume?