Cash Carter is a good friend of mine, (I think we’re friends, he tolerates when I drunk text him and such).  He’s a great musician and a fun nerd to hang out with.  I’m glad he likes my comic and has a sense of humor or else I wouldn’t have posted today’s joke.

Scrawled on a few bathroom walls (maybe just one, but for the myth we’ll say a few) is the term “Don’t sleep with Cash Carter.”  It’s kind of a running joke in my neighborhood.

Also Cash recently was posting pictures of himself as an awkward kid (who hasn’t been an awkward kid) and he has a wonderfully silly image of himself with a mullet.


Cash was a good sport so while doing some warm up drawings and jokes I drew a little picture of Cash Carter with his Mullet and his current joke…

cashcarter001I really want to put it on a t-shirt.