Deer Vomiteers,

I’m sorry I don’t have a comic, for the past three months I have been stressing about the direction of the comic and what I want do with it.  I have been drawing the comic without a direction and I think I’m close to finding one but it requires a  week or two to formally make the change so I have to take a brief hiatus.  I swear it’ll be great when I come back.  I appreciate you all coming to visit me and commenting and saying nice things to me so I don’t want to be on a long hiatus, I want to work harder to make you love what I do and I just need to work on a strategy to make the best comic possible for you, because you are the one that matters.

I’m not quitting comics, I’m just taking a brief break to make a better comic for you.  Sorry that I can’t make comics now, but they will come soon.