So I’ve recently been lucky enough to be involved with a weekly drawing night among local comic book artists.  It’s intimidating but It’s been making my time in super-far-west Jacksonville more tolerable.

Working with artists is fun to inspire ideas and to discuss “the industry” over at Jesse James Comics.  So something that comes up because of DVD releases is comic book movies.  So I wanted to put my two cents in.

Except for Batman DC makes some shitty Super Hero movies.  The characters are iconic and don’t fit in well with modern cinema.  Every time DC tries to update the characters they really fall short.  Batman is lucky that he’s a character who’s gone through enough transitions and instead of being a man in tights, he’s a dude in battle armor.  If DC had better character designs and stories they’d translate better into film.

Marvel isn’t that amazing either.  I think they’re still 50/50 in the movie department but at least they are able to suspend realism for characters that aren’t entirely out of place in a modern setting.  Marvel’s biggest problem is they usually incorporate a love story which isn’t necessary.

Also both industries waste way too much time on origin stories.  If I had to open a comic book and half of it was the origin of the character I’d never buy a comic book again.  Why can’t we create a movie where the trailer is the origin of the super hero and it could just be sprinkled in?

Even bad comic book movies like Tank Girl and Judge Dredd at least put us in the action without wasting too much time explaining the premise.

What do you guys think about comic book movies?