First of all I want to say I’m sorry I never finished the TMNT Challenge.  I’ve been overwhelmed with a lot of things, and a lot of the questions during the last 15 days get really stupid and I didn’t focus my time on them, but I hope I can entertain you guys again in the future.  I have SO MUCH to talk about.

So first of all I want to say I am still glowing from Phoenix Arizona’s Free Comic Book Day weekend.  It was one of the funnest experiences of my life and also quite life altering.  The shop I frequent here Jesse James Comics was planning an epic weekend. The store opened at midnight and went on a 48 hour marathon of guests, deals and amazing happenings.

I was lucky to be able to table at the show and sell my art and give away haiku and get to meet more of my peers and learn a few things about making comics on a local level.

I was surrounded by talented people, I showed some of them my stuff and they gave me a lot of helpful critiques and some great encouragement and even though I could never quit comics I know now that I made the right decision.  I spent twelve hours in the store meeting people, and bouncing ideas and being constantly amazed and what was going on.  I have a lot of plans for the future and now that I got some professional advice on the matters I think this year and next will be groundbreaking for me.

The one thing that blew me away the most the whole weekend though and constantly blows me away each time I visit Jesse James Comics is Jesse James himself.  Until I moved here I had a strong adversity with comic book shops because I don’t read manga, and I don’t care about DC and Marvel like a “comic artist” should.  When I walk into most stores looking for something like Groo, or Usagi Yojimbo or anything by James Kochalka would have me scoffed at and feeling unwelcome.  Jesse is the opposite of that.  He doesn’t care what comics someone reads as long as they are reading comics.  That’s what a comicbook shop should be about.  He’s constantly working to make his store more accessible and friendly to any literate people with at least one working eye.  He’s open to everyone and he’s constantly striving to improve his store and his knowledge of comics.  A guy that passionate about the craft as a consumer makes me feel passion for it as a creator.  He also is so generous with his time and energy and I rarely saw the man sit during the 20 hours I spent with him during the weekend.  That man is dedicated and he makes me want to be as dedicated

Sorry if this is a prolonged rant, I really want to write much more, but for a guy who is known for his haiku I’m feeling weird about my lack of brevity today.