This week is going to be devoted to my fun time at Phoenix Comicon (or is it comic-con? I’ll fluctuate between the two…)  It’s my first major convention since 2009 and it was a recon mission for what I need to do with my comics in the future.  I have friends who had booths, friends who were working the floor and I think I might have made some friends while I was there.

Conventions are such a weird place, I’m not a super hero, manga, sci fi nerd but I like a few off culture things and I do make comics so I’m looking for my potential audience at all times.  Conventions are a sensory overload too!  It’s hard to take it all in but I’m almost a seasoned veteran on the subject and this was a delightful convention.  I hope next year I get to be one of the table people.


The Wreck it Ralph Crew
perfected cosplaying group
always a pleasure!


It’s my pal Heather
very talented artist
and doodle buddy!


I met Katie Cook
she is so adorable
just like her comics!


Sweet group cosplayers!
the super mario gang!
I high fived them all!


Adventure Time Crew
seeing these costumed heroes
made my weekend great!


It’s Eric Mengel
ambitious and talented
I’m glad he’s my friend


One of eight Velmas
she let me pose next to her
never said “jinkies”


I met Don Rosa
he did Scrooge McDuck Comics
an awesome legend!


I met Spike Again
her energy gives me strength
she’s made of awesome!


My Spiral Ink Friends!
a talented group of dudes
so fun to hang with!


I met Wreck it Ralph
he refused to high five me
but we did fist bump!

Red Son Supergirl
and foxy wonder woman
how awesome are they?


At the Delorean!
traveled to some awesome times
made it back in time!

I had a great time at the convention.  I didn’t take enough pictures, but I have enough memories to make it worthwhile.  Thanks Phoenix for being awesome!