caseofthemondaysHey Vomiteers!

I’ve been crazy busy with writing and drawing and writing about drawing and such.  I just wanted to get back in the swing of things of writing on this blog.

I (like a bunch of male cartoonists/writers) am not very good at writing female characters.  Though my comic usually has people being used as a vessel for telling jokes, I rarely include women not because I’m sexist but I want to portray women in an honest and natural way.  It shouldn’t be difficult, but I don’t know the female experience.  I can only gleam what I know about women from the women in my life.

So I started watching a show on Netflix called “Orange is the New Black” I heard a few reviews on the NPR, and I had some time to sit back and check the show out.  After a few minutes I was hooked into the show.  It’s gripping, the characters are honest and realistic and despite the fact these are criminals, you root for them, even the characters you don’t like.


The cast is very diverse and quite possibly the best written female cast in television.  There are shows that have some phenomenal characters, but not this many at one time.  These are people we know, these are people we love, these are people we’re afraid of.  The important thing about it is, these are PEOPLE.  It’s not stereotypes, it’s not character tropes.  It’s an honest portrayal of women in a terrible situation and how they cope with it.

Everything about this show is wonderful, I finished watching the series on Friday and I’m watching it all again as we speak.  I’m going to study how to write better characters, better women, and better people.