Dear Jacksonville,

Our time apart has put a lot of things in perspective.  Distance makes the heart grow fonder, but my time in Arizona has taught me something that in all my years I thought I was crazy for thinking.

Your tacos suck.

I thought I was biased because I was raised in a Mexican household and I consumed enough tacos to feed three starving nations.  I’m not taking into consideration wonderful places like Burrito Gallery or Burrito Gallery, but in general the taco situation in Jacksonville should be considered a crime against the culinary arts.

I’ve had about 4-5 different taco experiences since I came here and even the lowest of the low in the taco department have trumped Jacksonville tacos without a problem.

I went to a Jack in the Box, (It’s a fast food chain everyone has to have heard of I hope…) and they have a special deal where you get to tacos for a dollar.  So I decided to try it because “how bad can it be?” and “it’s really late and I’m hungry.”  It was a corn shell with seasoned beef, lettuce and a slice of American cheese wedged in.  The whole thing is deep fried and it is AMAZING.  Even American cheese is far more flavorful than that grotesque white queso that’s slathered in a taco these days.
I hope for the day when I make my triumphant return to the river city that the restaurants will finally know how to make a decent taco.  If not, I’ll have to do it for them!