caseofthemondaysI’m bad at Netflix

I’m starting to think I don’t deserve a netflix account.  I’m lucky I get to borrow my brother’s and I’ve been mostly using it to rewatch some of my favorite shows, or researching cartoons or seeing some really awful movies… INTENTIONALLY.  I’ve been rewatching:
How I met Your Mother
Home Movies
The IT Crowd
The Office (superior American Version)
Rocky and Bullwinkle
Freaks and Geeks
and much more!

Last week I saw the movie “The Thing With Two Heads” Which is an odd science fiction movie about a famous, rich, racist doctor who is dying of  a disease and has decided to go through an experimental procedure to attach his head to someone else’s body.  After a month his brain will become accustomed to the body and they can sever the old head and he can have a new body.


Of course they decide to fuse his head to a convicted felon (who’s really innocent) and hilarity ensues.  The movie is kind of cheesy, the dialogue isn’t spectacular and there is the most awkward slow police chase I have ever seen.  It’s 90 minutes of awkward laughs and some really bizarre stunt work.  I suggest it to anyone who enjoys a good bad movie, hopefully you’ll enjoy it too!