I started a second twitter account.  After nearly 15 years of writing haiku, and burning myself out on the act I decided to cut back how many haiku I write.  I still wanted to be active on twitter so I created @so_birdilicious (some jerk has @birdilicious) and never used the account.  I demand their head…

My haiku history is long and crazy and I thought I’d share it briefly in case people are really curious about a guy who wrote nearly 30000 haiku in his life feels about the state of poetry.

It started my sophomore year of college.  I had a supportive professor who I took a creative writing seminar class with.  It was an independent study so I spent 3 hours a week in his office discussing writing all while writing stories and poetry for him to examine my creativity.  It was probably the best college class I ever took and the one that changed my life the most.

Halfway through the semester my professor said, “Do you prefer to write poetry, or stories.”  I told him I was enjoying writing poetry because I really had to mold words and sentences and that it was crafting more than story telling was to me.  When I explained what I was doing he asked if I ever wrote haiku.  I said I wrote some in school because every poetry unit includes it.  He gave me a brief refresher on how to write a haiku and I wrote 4 for the class.  (I got an A)

I ended up buying a book that changed my life.  It’s called Japanese Death Poems.  It’s the final poems written by Samurai, Poets, and Monks throughout history.  These people spent their lives finely crafting poems to be told when they pass.  It’s amazing and I highly recommend it.

I started reading about people using haiku when they wrote correspondence and I started adding haiku to livejournal/diary-x and various blogs and I worked hard on crafting perfect haiku for imperfect moments.  I’d scrawl them down on paper, or I’d type them up on a computer and print them out with my other weird doodles.  I started an obsession with the craft and really wanted to improve as a poet and using haiku as my exercise.

I discovered twitter many years later and realized I could send a text and my haiku would be posted on a website that I could save forever.  I didn’t have to save pieces of paper or keep a mini-notebook to write about each time I see a dead turtle, or how much I enjoy looking at a tree.  A few years later I found that more and more people were following me on twitter, and I ended up doing a haiku-centric comic based on my life and the poetry.  I kept up the twitter account for 6 years and the comic for 4.  I retired the journal comic for many other reasons but I continued tweeting in haiku even though I don’t do any comics with haiku anymore.

I’ve been developing a hatred for haiku during the last two years.  I can write a haiku about almost anything and people dare me to do it when I’m drunk and I RARELY fail.  I’m popular for my haiku but I’m more than that and I wanted to use twitter the proper way (using it to write and work on bad jokes in 140 characters or less).

I’ll still be using the other account, I just won’t be posting in it as often, but feel free to follow both.  I’m sure it’ll be amusing.