caseofthemondaysI know I keep making this excuse about not posting in my blog more often because I’ve been, “Writing.” It seems like such a cop out but it’s been the truth.  I’m writing a book I plan on posting on Kickstarter, and I finally finished a big portion of it so I feel safe enough to share my dream project with you.

I started writing and concept art in January.  I’ve been working with a few creators and bouncing ideas and I have created a product that I think will be one of the greatest things I’ve ever done…
photo 3
This is my first book series.  Paul Bunyan: Kaiju Cage Fighter.  it’s a telling of the Tall Tale where Paul Bunyan Fights giant monsters.  I hope to have a book ready by the summer and I’ll keep you posted.

paulbunyan  Here is some concept art.  Paul Bunyan dropping an elbow on a random monster, colored by the great Jason Wright

photo 2

Another concept piece, Paul Bunyan wrestling a whale, it’ll be the subject of a mini comic I want to draw to promote the book.

photo 1

Another concept piece, a classic wrestling hold with Paul and a monster.

I’m really excited about the book.  I’ve spent three months writing this, and Issue one is filled with awesome fights, great characters and a story I think is engaging and fresh.  Issues 2-4 are in the works now and I think I might have created a fun world for comic people and this is going to be one of the best things I ever created!

Wish me luck Guys!!!