I was hoping when I started a blog that I wouldn’t talk about anything sad and depressing but today I’m bidding adeiu to one of my favorite webcomics, “American Elf.”  I’ve always been inspired by his work (the dude’s a rockstar cartoonist.  Who wouldn’t want to be that?) and he inspired my first Journal comic which also ended this year.

Harvey Pekar said,”I think comics have far more potential than a lot of people realize.”  James achieves that every day he posts in his journal, and each time he puts out a book.  The art was usually crude, and we just got to peek at snippets of his life.  Whether he’s brushing his teeth or walking his boys to school or coming up with things to draw.  Those little snippets over years and years of updates has created a special relationship to readers and other cartoonists.

Seeing American Elf coming to an end is bittersweet.  Kochalka is still doing his SuperF*ckers animated series and cranking out books left and right so I’ll still have things worth reading.  I’ll just hate not being able to see what he’s up to on a daily basis.  Maybe he needs to be on twitter.