Hey Vomiteers!

Another Monday is upon us and I decided to start penning a blog to go along with the comic. Hopefully so you get to understand me better, and maybe we can build a little relationship where we can talk to each other and I can learn about you and bunny vomit wouldn’t just be my output as an artist and “joke teller” but it’d be our conversation about the trivialities of life.

Making life changes leaves a lot of self-reflection. I’m constantly thinking about self improvement or at least into getting a better understanding of myself so I can accept my flaws, and improve on my finer attributes. I do these things by learning. I’ve been trying to stick my face in books. Or I’m listening to way too much NPR, or just people watching and reading articles on the internet. We’re lucky to live in a world with so much to teach and learn and it’s really just a way to connect to like minded people.

Lately I was introduced to this podcast, “Thrilling Adventure Hour” which is a modern version of classic radio programming. Live actors and comedians portray reoccurring characters and the story progresses with each 20 minute episode. I’ve been getting a lot of laughs especially during “Sparks Nevada: Marshal of Mars” it’s a funny space western with a cocky Marshal, his sidekick a Martian and they battle robots, aliens and evil scientists. It doesn’t get to deep but the humor comes from funny conversations, interesting character interactions and just the silliness of events. I highly recommend it at www.http://thrillingadventurehour.com. Hopefully you won’t be let down.

I also recently watched the entire 7th season of How I Met Your Mother. It’s getting very sappy but I love everything about it except I still hope Ted dies. Is that possible in season 8? What do you guys think?