So, even though people think Bunnyvomit is autobiographical I rarely relate my actual real life to my comics but today is an exception Wags is named after a close friend of my Christina Wagner who is someone I openly love and admire. When I met her a dozen or so years ago she was a gorgeous singer/songwriter who was also a bartender (eight of my favorite things). She’s someone I remember driving across town to see play because her voice was heavenly, and to me she was on a pedestal so high I’d have to fight a mob of demons to get to see her.

Little did I know that during my time of worshiping her music, she was a fan of my comics and my contributions to the local art scene. One night I remember her buying a round of shots and including little old me and I felt like I made it because she cared enough to buy me booze. Christina has always been sweet on me and even commissioned me to do art for her when she was opening one of her first bars. I did it with honor and I’d draw/do anything for her. Right now this tiny “beaner” songwriter is a prominent local hero and owns and works in several businesses. She’s feisty but honest and I can’t even imagine a bad thing to say about her. She’s made the community I thrived in much better and she is making Jacksonville a real Bold City in the south. I love her with all my heart, and I hope this loose tribute is enough to let her know that she’s made a heavy difference in my life and I’m lucky and grateful to consider her a friend.