It’s been a busy few months with a lot of life altering changes happening so I just wanted to sit down for a moment and reflect on things I’m thankful before I stuff my face with turkey and casseroles of all varieties.  These are listed in no particular order, but thanks!

1.  My readers:  I don’t do this comic for you, but I keep doing it because of you.

2.  My mom:  She’s been through a lot, and went through a lot more just for me.  I can’t put a pen to paper without doing it for her

3.  My brother:  Who’s letting me stay with him and paying for all my booze and such while I look for work in this sillier town

4.  Nee, my brother’s girlfriend: who leaves coffee out for me so it gets to the temperature I like, plus she lets me vent and discuss the trivialities of comics and hipster music

5.  Shawn Lightfoot:  I honestly don’t think I’d be alive without your friendship.  I treasure it always

6.  Bold City Brewery:  To Susan, Pops, Kevin, Brian, Jennifer, Will, Vernon, Duke, Barley and the rest of my surrogate family, thanks for taking care of me and making me feel welcomed each and every time I visit.

7.  My drinking buddies:  I’d list you all individually, but to Joe, Truffle Dave, Ginny, Lesley, Jennifer, Alicia, Other Joe, Gaylen, Brittney, Jon, and everyone I see on Thursdays.  I may be the butt of your jokes, but you’re the butt of my heart.

8.  Jason Fifer:  You always inspire me with your funny comics and I miss our drawing sessions together, you make me want to be a better artist

9.  Jason Wright:  You are so talented, funny, witty and selfless.  The world needs more people like you.

10.  Christopher Farrell, April Schlegel, Joy Smith, Eva Sonnenberg Matthews and Laura Muse Jackson:  My Doctor Sketchy’s peeps.  when I met you I was a drunk guy looking to see boobs, and today I’m still drunk and always looking to see boobs.  I’m sure there was some improvement there somewhere.

11.  Jeffry:  My bestest buddy.  I always wish we spent more time together, it always ends in an adventure.  Enjoy the “Sunshine” State without me 🙂

12.  Vanessa:  My Partner in Thrift-crime.  I wish I had half of your energy and talent.

13.  The Florida Times Union staff:  Always my biggest fans, everyone who’s worked there, and currently works there.  I am always inspired by the awesome things you guys accomplish.  I wish I could list it all out, but I don’t have enough internet space for those accomplishments

14.  Jim Hance:  You’re too fucking talented and amazing and I want to eat your brain and gain your powers… and your charm

15.   Nicole and Robert Trimmer:  your wonderful union makes me believe in love.  You guys are amazing and I’m lucky/blessed to know you

16.  Tom Pennington:  You are an amazing dude.  When I’m around you I’m inspired to do great things, and I’m always amazed at what you accomplish.  What is your secret?

17.  Anyone who’s ever served me beer:  Sometimes I’m cute, most of the time I’m obnoxious but I never had an empty glass, bottle or can because of you and it’s always made my life more interesting.

18.  My friends on twitter:  Even though I hate writing haiku most of the time these days, I’m always glad when someone enjoys a tweet or I read something so funny that I can’t think of a haiku to respond to it.  Keep it up!

19.  The Jaxsonville Comix Collextive:  Being creative is a lonely endeavor, it’s nice to be able to share it with you guys.  To call you all amazing is an understatement.

20.  My Dad:  I give you a lot of shit, and you give me a lot more shit but I do love you despite you being wrong all the time.  One day you’ll learn I’m always right.

21.  Birdie’s:  Not me but the bar I’d frequent.  I told many girls the bar was named after me and you wouldn’t call me a dirty liar.  Your drinks were strong, your music was great and no matter how bad my day was everyone made me feel like the bar was in fact named after me.  Thanks

22.  My internet cartooning friends:  You’re an inspiration

23.  Riverside in general:  Your crazy shenanigans made me feel at home.  I spent 29 years looking for myself and I found it on your streets, being myself, and feeling loved for it.

24.   JP Fouchey:  You always make me laugh more than anyone on the planet.  I never get to say it, but you’re an amazing father and one helluva human being.  I’m honored to be your friend

25.  My family:  I don’t talk to you all enough, but I’m thankful to have a family even if we don’t always agree with each other and we rarely get to see each other

26.  Alethea:  Always a drunk text away, you are one of the best therapists a struggling poet/cartoonist can use.

27.  President Obama:  Sometimes I feel the world is against me, and I feel it’s against you too, but somehow we have eachother’s backs.  Great things are coming, I can feel it.

28.  To anyone I didn’t mention personally, you mean a lot to me.  I can’t list the thousands of people who made my life better, but if I ever hugged you, shook your hand, had a drink with you or said something stupid while drinking with you remember it’s because I love you and I think you’re incredible.

I hope you all have an enjoyable holiday.  No matter what happens I’ll remain happy because of you guys in my life.