Read a BOOK!
Hey Vomiteers!  I have a very special book today.  It’s, “Steal Like an Artist” By Austin Kleon.

steallikeanartistI discovered a few years ago that I was an, “artist.”  I never thought I was one.  I never took an art class and I learned what I could watching cartoon shows, listening to podcasts and reading more how-to draw books than any man should.  When I moved to Riverside I met up with people I’ll forever dub, “real artists”  and eventually learned that I was an artist and I was doing a lot of the things they were doing.  Someone recommended this book to me and it’s on my short list of “books that changed my life” (see this Friday…)

The book is very simple and a practical guide/resource about increasing creativity and improving art.  It’s not about drawing techniques but it’s about how you do your art and how you study it.  I follow a lot of these practices already but it’s nice to know that I’m walking the right path into becoming a “real artist.”

Nearly the entirety of the book is hand written and filled with images and graphs that help exercise the point on how stealing from “better” artists is what makes good art.  It’s just about how to properly, “steal” and use it to your benefit.

Read this book by any means necessary, especially if you plan on ever being creative.  Or if you ever plan on being better at anything this book will help!