Read a BOOK!Hey Vomiteers!  You know why I haven’t been writing blog posts as often, but it’s time to work on posting a few more blog posts.  So I’ve read a couple dozen books as research for my book, but here’s one I found especially helpful.  It’s “Cow Boy: A Boy and His Horse” By Nate Cosby and Chris Eliopoulos.cowboy1

I discovered this book after reading a short comic from it during FCBD (Great read).  It’s a story about a boy bounty hunter is tracking down members of his family and returning them for justice.  It’s a little dark, but the humor is light and the art is whimsical and reminds me of Bill Watterson.  Not like someone is ripping him off, but someone understands how to tell the right story with the only details needed but can still make a lush world worth exploring.


I really enjoyed this book, and hope to be able to read the rest of the series.  It’s written for children but I think it’s either also good enough for adults, or good enough for adults who want to be kids again.  Reach for a copy today!