Read a BOOK!

Hey Vomiteers!  This might be the greatest book I ever reviewed/recommended so far.  It’s “Poorcraft: The Funnybook Fundamentals of Living Well on Less By C. Spike Trotman and Diana Nock

poorcraft1I wish I had this book a few years ago when I lived on my own.  A lot of the knowledge isn’t new to me but it’s still a life altering book.  The things I knew are great advice, and the things I learned are going to live in my brain until I die.
This is a handbook for how to live a wonderful life while being frugal.  It’s clever, and even though it’s black and white the images are so colorful!  It’s wonderul with each page turned.

poorcraft3It’s a helpful guide to how to live on a budget and I love that she says you can eat well without eating ramen.  She gives helpful hints on how to find food, furniture, an apartment, and everything else you need to be a successful person who isn’t making enough to live on the high horse.

poorcraft2It’s a wonderful book and I might be putting this in my top 5 list of books that changed my life.  Thanks Spike for writing such a great handbook!