Read a BOOK!Hey Vomiteers!  Today’s review is an actual comic book (as opposed to a comic collection, trade paperback, or graphic novel).  Today’s book is, “47 Ronin by Mike Richardson and Stan Sakai


This story is based on an actual Japanese legend and apparently has taken about 25 years to put into a comic book and I have to say it’s almost worth the wait.  Stan Sakai takes over art duties (you might know him from when I squeal about Usagi Yojimbo or samurais in general).  It’s masterfully drawn even though I’m taken aback by Sakai drawing actual humans.  Also I’m used to Sakai’s hand lettering which isn’t done in this book.  Sakai just has art duties and everything else is done by Richardson, Kazuo Koike, Lovern Kindzierski, Tom Orzechowski and Loui Buhalis.

47ronin2It’s a slow moving story so far, but I think most epic tales are.  It’s part of a 5 book series so I’m looking forward to how it turns out.  Sakai’s art really shines even when someone else is coloring it and writing it.  Sakai understands Japan and Bushido too well.  It makes the work look natural as opposed to someone who’s trying to make something flourish without the knowledge of the period.

I’m looking forward reading the whole series, even though this first issue is a bit lack luster in story.  I am certain it’s still having to build up to the real adventure of the story.

I’ll keep you guys posted as soon as I get the other books!