Read a BOOK!Hey Vomiteers!  Today’s book is, “The Life and Times of Scrooge McDuck: Volume 1. By Don Rosa


I really loved watching the show Duck Tales as a child, I also enjoyed reading old Scrooge McDuck comics when I was a child.  Such an interesting and well designed character.  We have someone who goes to the ends of the world to protect his fortune and make it greater.  What this book series does is write about Scrooge before his fortune.  It wraps up the comics which are a prequel to the duck we know today.

The stories are written with the same details and love of the character that Carl Barks would have had and the stories are funny and endearing and shows Scrooge failing more than he succeeds.  The characters he meets and the situations helps create a legend like Scrooge McDuck.

I think the only problem I had with the books was that the art wasn’t Carl Barks.  It might be asking for a lot, Rosa does a great job of creating the characters and the scenes to be similar but something falls short in the action and the poses.  Maybe Carl was just magical and can’t be recreated.  Rosa does a great job with the books but I really felt like I was holding onto an imitation comic.

That’s probably my problem with the book.  I recommend the series to anyone who loves a well written story and especially loves Scrooge McDuck or Duck Tales.