Read a BOOK!

Good Afternoon VOMITEERS! Today’s book is an odd selection!  It’s Garfield From the Trashbin By Jim Davisgarfield1

This may be hard to believe but Garfield was a comic that used to be cleverly drawn and actually funny.  Years upon years of time has sullied that reputation but I don’t entirely blame Jim Davis for that.  It’s the biggest comic in newspapers today and one of the biggest marketing machines in comics.  It’s meant to appeal to all ages, and to not push the envelope humor-wise.  That’s where this book kicks in…

I don’t want to use any images from the book but it’s all cleverly designed doodles and concepts for jokes that were either too risque, crude or just dirty in general.  Lots of violent jokes and terrible puns and concepts that look great and I laughed a few times at but I can see why they weren’t allowed in papers or on t-shirts, mugs, greeting cards etc.

Some of the jokes are set up as actual comic strips and they pack quite a humorous punch.  The sight gags are cleverly done and it looks like a visual approximation of creative people letting off steam.  I really enjoyed it and might consider buying it as a reference book.  Even these look doodles and crude sketches look better than I would have done and it’s just an example of how great art can be, even when it’s simple.