tmnt30daysDay 7: Your Favorite Series

I’ve been a fan of the TMNT comics, movies and cartoon shows since I was about 8 years old.  It shaped my idea of comics and inspires me daily.  I’d have to say though that my favorite series is the new one that’s on Nick.  I’m not a fan of CGI but they attack it well, each character’s personality is more defined and even their attributes are personalized making the series more enjoyable.

This “reboot” is wonderful and I love seeing the turtles at their best and their worst.  It leans more towards some of the comics but it’s not too dark and gritty.  It’s quirky and funny and still filled with some amazing action and stories.  It reminded me what I loved about the original TMNT comics and cartoons and made me fall in love with the series again.

I like to call this series the “parkour turtles” series since there is a lot of roof top hopping and crazy gymnastics during fighting and other scenes.  It’s the best representation of the characters I’ve seen ever.