tmnt30daysDay 8:  Your Favourite Episode Of Your Favorite Series

If I haven’t said it enough, I really love the new TMNT series, and I had to scan all the episodes to see the ones I really enjoyed the most.  Though my answer might change in the next few weeks, or days, or minutes.  As of this moment I think my favorite episode is “Never Say Xever.”

He’s a character that’s new to the series.  He does the brazillian dance style martial arts that looks really sleek with the new CGI designs.  He’s pretty tough and a neat thug.  He is Shredder’s right hand man, and in this episode he nearly sacrifices his own partner to get rid of the turtles.  He later becomes “Fishface” which I’m going to assume is going to be this show’s version of Beebop and Rocksteady, except they’ll be more formidable.  I’m looking forward to what they do with his character.