tmnt30daysDay 10: Your Favorite Movie

When I read this question for the challenge I had a movie set in my mind and I’m almost reconsidering my decision.  I’ll accept this answer right now until a new movie changes my mind.

The Original Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie was one of the greatest things I saw in my young life.  To see a realistic vision of the turtles and a more serious action movie was something really special to me.  I got to see my hero Raphael be the brooding asshole instead of the wise-ass in the series and it was a story unlike the cartoon series where April O’Neil has the antique shop and there is a bunch of really deep moments instead of just silly fights and learning that the original movie is based on the original TMNT graphic novel makes this movie mean more to me than I would have considered 5 years ago.

However my favorite movie to this date is the TMNT movie.  The CGI animated movie that came out a few years ago.

The two original movies were fine for their time because expectations were low and I don’t even think I had pubic hair when they came out so I didn’t take anything seriously.  However the series doesn’t stand the test of time and the way action movies are now especially ones involving ninjas this movie doesn’t hold it’s own.

The CGI movie is done really well though and it reminds me of ghostbusters II where the four turtles are done fighting shredder and are trying to live a life without their arch nemesis.  Each character has their own way of handling a life without constantly fighting a terrible enemy.  The action scenes are awesome and technology shows comes through and creates a fantastic action movie with anthropomorphic turtles who are masters in martial arts and ninjitsu.

I don’t think it gets enough credit but it’s the only movie I can look back on fondly (so far).