tmnt30daysI was perusing (I love that word!) the tumblr and found a bunch of interesting TMNT posts and someone posted a 30 day challenge.  Instead of clogging my tumblr feed I thought it’d be fun to post an entry every day of the week for the challenge so I made a cute graphic and here we go!

Day 1: Your Favorite Turtle

When I first got into TMNT Donatello was my favorite, I think the bo staff was kind of cool and he was also the nerdy one.  It didn’t take long before I decided I didn’t want to associate myself with the nerdy one and related more to Raphael.  In the original cartoon series he was the wise cracking jerk.  As I started consuming everything I could about the comics and the various shows I started to see Raph as this really dark berserker.  He was the strongest fighter the more he got angry, and he was reckless and dangerous to himself and the others.

I also had a pet turtle as a child and I named him Raphael.  My mother kept calling him Ralph and I’ll never forget that guy!