Top 5 Fridays!Top 5 Greatest Moments of Phoenix Comic-con
5.  High Fiving Finn, Fiona, Marceline, Mario, Luigi, Princess Peach, Toad, and Buttercup
4.  Talking Shop with Spike, Danielle Corsetto, Spiral Ink and Eric Mengel and feeling like they didn’t want me to go away
3.  Giving Danielle 50 haiku and the look on her face!
2.  The Webcomics 101 panel
1.  Meeting so many great creative people!

Top 5 worst moments of Phoenix Comic-con
5.  Not seeing as many slave Leia costumes as I expected
4.  Not getting to meet Kevin Eastman, even though I walked by his empty table 2345q246 times during the convention
3.  Paying $3 for a fountain soda
2.  Seeing too many furries (1 being too many, but I think I saw about 9 in total)
1.  Being too exhausted to go all four days and embracing the awesomeness!