Top 5 Fridays!


Hey Vomiteers!  I decided to start adding some extra content to the site.  First I decided that every friday I’ll be adding a Rob Gordon-esque top 5 list.  It might be something important like my favorite songs, books, or comics or it might be something as silly as my favorite pizza toppings or things to say during awkward situations.  If you have any ideas on what I should make a top list about write a comment or email me at bunnyvomitcomics at gmail dot com.

Top 5 Side A Track 1 songs.

1.  The Thermals – Our Trip (Album:  Fuckin’ A)

2.  Modest Mouse – Teeth like God’s Shoeshine (Album:  Lonesome Crowded West)

3.  The Impossibles – Plan B (Album:  Back for the Attack EP)

4.  The Mountain Goats – The Best Ever Deathmetal Band in Denton (Album:  All Hail West Texas)

5.  The Murder City Devils – Press Gang (Album: Name in Blood)


What’s your top 5?  Comment below!