Never Fret dearest Vomiteers! I know I’m calling an end to this comic strip… but that’s it. I’m ending THE STRIP. I’ll be printing the previous ones as books, and I’ll be creating all new books! ALL NEW BOOKS. My Goal is to do at least 4 Bunnyvomit books proper each year. These will be available for sale on my website, and via shops and conventions I frequent. I’ll also be working on making digital books for people who use comixology. There will be newer, CUTER, FUNNIER, BETTER comics coming!

Thanks everyone who’s been with me throughout the years. This was a tough decision to make, but I know it’s for the better of my work and for you guys that I focus on making high quality comic books. I’ll reformat the website to reflect everything I’ve done and i’ve been doing so you’ll constantly see what I’m up to.

I love you all

birdie, and hannah